Medbone® products are based on calcium phosphates based on resorbable biomaterials. All products are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality control, and the highest scientific and quality standards.
Choice of different shapes: granules, blocks, cylinders, wedges, and even individual sizes and shapes.

Medbone® medical devices have similar properties to natural bone, ensuring a better quality of life for people. The main feature of the products is the presence of interconnected pairs or channels in the material. The ducts must be large enough (usually 0.05 mm in diameter) to allow invasion of blood vessels and cells, so that the substance biodegrades and bones grow in the bone substitutes.

To maximize this great advantage, it is also important to mention that the products, like the company itself, are certified by an international notified body – SGS. Medbone is ISO13485 certified and our products are certified according to European Directive 93/42 / EEC.

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